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Craig Lewis

Founder | CEO

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Sailing Adventurist, World Citizen, combines a decade of military service at Navy (CA & AU) with another decade in offshore oil and gas.

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Fabo Hax

Architect | CTO

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Amazonian Hacker based in Lima exploring 3D Printing, Blockchains, AI, built a Bitcoin-funded penthouse in 2019. Motorider.

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Shiwen Yap

Venture Builder | CMO

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Seasoned Market Strategy Pro based in Singapore. Adept in ops, biz strategy, brand dev, partnerships. Drives growth in startups, SMEs.

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Pedro Román


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A Lima-based designer with an architectural background, dedicated to exploring new tech and deeply committed to sustainability.

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Mario Allison

Solar Advisor

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With nearly ten years in the solar energy industry and a lifelong passion for cycling and water sports, he promotes renewable energy across Peru.

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Grant Romundt


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A pioneering tech innovator with multiple tech and media businesses, serving billion-dollar clients, now leading OceanBuilders in eco-restorative floating smart homes.

SeaRanch Farmers
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